Applying for a Statutory Will?

The Official Solicitor must consider what the person would have wanted and who they would include in their will if they were able to voice their wishes.

When appointed Litigation Friend in Statutory Will applications the Official Solicitor must consider the past wishes and feelings and relevant written statements of the person for whom the Will is being made. The Official Solicitor will therefore needs to be satisfied that all reasonable efforts have been made to identify whether or not there is an existing will.

The Official Solicitor may suggest to the Statutory Will applicants that a search be carried out with Certainty, the National Will Register, or to provide evidence of a Certainty Will search. This is to see whether a Will exists or if the application is supported by the most up to date version of the Will.

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Why use a Certainty Will Search

  • Locate unknown and later Wills or the whereabouts of an existing Will to assist in making well informed decisions
  • Determine whether a Statutory Will is still required
  • Low cost allowable disbursement and simple to use

Search for a Will

The search usually required for the purposes of a Statutory Will application is called a Certainty Will Search Combined, this search:

  • Checks to see if a Will has been registered
  • Searches geographically for Wills that have not been registered
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Will search helpline

If you need further advice on searching for a Will, please call a trained Certainty Will Search advisor on:

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