Why you are being asked to search for a Will

The Official Solicitor is working with Certainty the National Will Register, to assist Statutory Will applicants in obtaining a Certainty Will Search.

a) It appears that the P has not made a Will

If you are applying for a Statutory Will it is important to identify whether a Will exists.

This can help to ascertain whether a Statutory Will is still required, and/or assist in making well informed decisions. It can also make distributing an estate simpler, and avoid issues arising during probate.

b) The P has made a Will that you are in possession of, or do not know where it is

If you have been presented with a Will it is important to take steps to establish, to the best of your ability, that it is indeed the most up to date version and that a later version does not exist.

What does a Certainty Will Search do?

A Certainty Will Search Combined performs three key searches to look for Wills that have been registered and for Wills that have not been registered.

1 Will Register Search - checks to see if a Will has been registered with Certainty the National Will Register, which currently sits at over 7.7 million records (and rising daily)

2 Will REACH Search - performs a REACH search which is a nationwide, geographically targeted search for Wills that have not been registered amongst Certainty member and non-member law firms and Will Writers (members of recognised Will Writing organisations including the IPW, IPWS and SWW)

3 Missing Will Notice Board - places a notice on the Certainty Missing Will Notice Board that is issued to Certainty member solicitors

At least one in every ten Certainty Will Searches results in a Will being located where a Will was believed not to exist or a later Will was discovered that would supersede the Will presented.

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